Celebrating Our Neighbours!

This week we held a special morning tea to celebrate the Winner and Community Champions in the fourth round of the Moorebank Sports ‘Nominate A Neighbour’ initiative.

The ‘Nominate A Neighbour Award’ encourages people to share stories about the quiet achievers in their neighbourhood, those who make a real difference in the lives of others but rarely get the recognition they deserve.

As a small token of our appreciation for their contribution to our community, winners receive $1,000 cash, and our Community Champions get $200 Sporties Dollars.

Nominate a Neighbour Winner Belinda Howell with Sporties Director Frank Griffin

Round 4 Winner – Belinda Howell

Nominated by Megan Chipperfield

Belinda is described as the heart and soul of the Wattle Grove Scout Group. She is the key volunteer who holds everything together, from managing the team, the kids, the support groups, and interactions with the community… everything!

Belinda took over the group at the end of 2019 and has kept them going throughout – and since – the COVID pandemic.

Belinda volunteers almost four full days every week outside of her job and supporting her family. She steps in every time something is needed and without her, the group that supports all the scouts in the area would simply not exist.

Belinda says it feels natural for her to help out in the community.

“It feels a bit strange to be recognised like this because I just do the work. I don’t think about the why or how. If it needs to be done and somebody’s there, let’s do it”.

Community Champion Geoff Robinson with Sporties Director Laurie Willoughby

Round 4 Community Champion – Geoff Robinson

Nominated by Marco Quintao

Geoff is a former Australian professional rugby league player who played in the 1970’s and 1980’s for the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

The league legend dedicates his time and effort into volunteering at Heroes with Ability on a weekly basis, despite battling throat and mouth cancer.

HWA Founder Marco Quintao says it’s a pleasure to have such an inspiring soul dedicate his time and energy to our program.

“Each week he walks in like Santa offering each client a special gift, whether it be water bottles, lollies, swimming towels and his favourite cupcakes made by his daughter. The heroes have loved connecting with him and are thankful for his kindness and generosity”.

Geoff says the kids can instantly make a bad day feel good again.

“I feel so proud. Every time I get to look after the disabled kids it puts a smile on my face. I feel so proud of my work with these people”.

Community Champion Fiona with Sporties CEO Jeff Gibbs

Round 4 Community Champion – Fiona Heath

Nominated by Kellie Lamont

Fiona and her family have always been involved in the community, but their passion is Baseball.

Fiona has been the President of Moorebank Sports Royals for a number of years, supported by her partner and children who have held roles on the committee and as coaches, helping kids in the community to learn the game of Baseball.

Fiona is described as a leader who always gives and asks for nothing in return. While she is stepping down as President in 2024, she will be taking on another role on the committee.

“I’m very honoured and humbled. I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it for the kids and the community. I just love being part of it.

“But it is time to step away and let other people take in the roles within Baseball. I’ll still be active in the club though!”

Round 4 Community Champion – Donna Macmillan

Community Champion Donna with Sporties CFO Troy Crisp

Nominated by Kayla Sipou

Donna is the lollipop lady for Holsworthy public school. Rain, hail or shine, she has a smile on her face walking the kids across the crossing.

She remembers the names of parents, their partners, and the kids, and always takes the time to get to know you.

Donna has been the lollipop lady at Holsworthy for 23 years and says she loves her job.

“I love it with a passion. I love seeing the kids and watching them grow. It’s fantastic”.

The next round of Nominate A Neighbour is now open. To submit an entry, CLICK HERE