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  • Celebrating 1 Year – On Point Catering

    Celebrating 1 Year – On Point Catering

    We’re celebrating a big milestone at Sporties this month! It’s the first anniversary of the On Point Catering team taking over operations at Indulge Brasserie. On 11 July 2022, Mitch and Elianna were appointed as our in-club caterers and were tasked with two goals: refresh the restaurant offering and reimagine the food concept so it […]

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  • Half Time Diner

    Half Time Diner

    You may have noticed a little change at the café inside Sporties… OK, OK – it’s a big change! It’s undergone a makeover and is now the Half Time Diner, serving mouth-watering burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and light snacks, with a real American comfort-food feel. We spoke with caterers Mitch and Elianna about the inspiration […]

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  • Sporties’ Perfect Plate

    Sporties’ Perfect Plate

    Voting for the 2023 Perfect Plate Awards is now open. This event is the ultimate NSW club cooking competition, and we need your help to win! Head Chef Mitch and his team have entered mouth-watering BBQ Bourbon Glazed Beef Ribs, served with chips, onion rings and slaw, priced at $28 for members. “This is a […]

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  • Dining Post – Coming Soon

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