Moorebank Sports Club “Sporties” was formed on the 18th February, 1970 to foster junior sport in the Moorebank, Holsworthy and Hammondville area.


Our Story

Our Story

Moorebank Sports Club “Sporties” was formed on the 18th February, 1970 to foster junior sport in the Moorebank/Holsworthy/Hammondville area. Three people, Mr Douglas, Mr Hardaker and Mr Logan saw the need for a sporting organisation in the district, which was becoming rapidly populated, this small group and a team of volunteers were pivotal in making the dream come true.

When Club executives held their first meeting in the local area the response was not strong, however they decided to proceed with a registration day and anticipated that they would be sponsoring a maximum of six teams, boys soccer and girls netball, inclusive. After the registration day they were overwhelmed to have registered 11 soccer teams from 6 to 14 years and 5 netball teams from 6 years to all age. This incurred expenses not foreseen by the founders who by this time were club executives, this group put forward their names as guarantors to cover the expenses incurred by the Moorebank Sports Club and succeeded in sponsoring 16 teams in 1970 and finished the year with $200 in the bank.

As reported by our former President Wallace Brooks in 1972 – “Well here we are at the end of another season (and a most successful one). One of the first things I ask myself is “was it all worthwhile” the many hundreds of miles covered and the many hours of worry and loss of sleep, the many hours spent working down on our home field and at Club meetings. Well I am glad to say “YES IT WAS!!” and as long as we have the small band of workers for our Club, Moorebank Sports Club will continue to grow and flourish from strength to strength.

This passion and commitment continued and in 1975 Liverpool City Council was approached by the Club for use of the Hammondville Park Soccer fields. After various renovations to the fields by the council, Hammondville Park became the home of Moorebank Sports Club. From 1978 all codes within the Club made a concerted effort to raise funds to develop the Hammondville complex. On 26th February 1981 Moorebank Sports Club became an incorporated club administered by a board of 11 directors, 1988 brought the purchase of land for the development of a licensed club, the slab of the club was proudly laid by our founding members and is still spoken about today, the Club was officially opened on the 14th August 1994.

Today the Clubs objectives remain to encourage, foster and promote sport with the function of the board management and staff to serve in the best interests of creating a legacy of strong local sport in the area. As the business has evolved the vision statement has expanded beyond the sporting doctrine to encompass all forms of leisure and to create a unique experience of high quality for all members and guests.

The Club is located in close proximity to the Holsworthy Army Barracks, Holsworthy Station and an ever growing residential area, where there is a large population of school age children and defence force personnel who live in the immediate area.

Through continued growth within the area Sporties also needed to grow, this has resulted in stage 2 development being completed in 1998 which saw the original Club building become the brasserie and the new development become the rest of the Club.

During 2010-2011 Sporties underwent a major facelift to create what we see today a family friendly, inviting environment that is often called the Hub of the community, offering our members and guests a range of services including 4 Bars, TAB and Keno, bottleshop, 200 seat brasserie and alfresco dining area, supervised occasional children’s play room, lounge areas, numerous outdoor entertainment decks and children’s outdoor play equipment.

On any given day you will see mum’s and bubs meeting for coffee, families meeting for meals, locals enjoying our free entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and children having fun in our Manta Ray kids room or on our outdoor play equipment.

We hope you can come down to Sporties and experience our award winning hospitality.

See you at the club.