Sporties Unveils Life Saving Defib For Sandy Point

On Thursday 30 May, Sporties proudly unveiled a new life-saving defibrillator machine at the Sandy Point Community Centre.

This project was in partnership with Sutherland Shire Council, Heart of the Nation, the Sandy Point Community Hall Committee, Freedom Fitness, and our Club, to bring the residents of this small community some piece of mind in the event of a cardiac arrest emergency.

The journey to get here began 18 months ago when Holsworthy Public School asked if they could use our Club’s defib during an emergency as they didn’t have one onsite.

Our Club board then decided to gift the school a defib machine of their own, which is now available to everyone in the local community.

Through this project, we connected with Greg Page and Heart of the Nation.

Sporties was then approached by the wonderful team at Freedom Fitness who use the Sandy Point Community Hall to run their training sessions. They had concerns about the remoteness of the Sandy Point community in the event of a cardiac arrest emergency and sought help to install a defib machine here.

The Sporties Board approved funding for the defib and with help from Sutherland Shire Council who have installed it.

Thank you to Sutherland Shire Mayor Carmelo Pesce, Heart of the Nation founder Greg Page, members of the Sandy Point Community Hall committee, Freedom Fitness, Sporties Directors Laurie Willoughby and Frank Griffin, and Sporties CEO Jeff Gibbs for attending the event.