Liverpool City Council and Moorebank Sports Club a step closer to Hammondville Sports and Community precinct.

Hammondville Park Precinct

Hammondville Park Precinct

Securing the future for Sporties…

The Future of Your Club

Moorebank Sports Club was formed in 1970 to promote and encourage junior sport in the Moorebank, Hammondville, Wattle Grove and Holsworthy areas.

From humble beginnings, our Club has now grown to have more than 30,000 members and 110 workers employed at the Club. We support over 1,700 players across five sporting codes who call Hammondville Park home.

In 2022-23, our Club contributed $417,657 to associated sporting clubs and local community organisations.

Our community is growing… and we want to grow with you.

Our vision for the future is to build a new state-of-the-art Club that will be the envy of the industry. Our vision for this new venue will include event spaces capable of holding functions for our sporting codes and the wider community. Our vision includes a large, modern, and dynamic sports bar space, a dining and beverage precinct including fine dining options, as well as many other exciting developments like an indoor sports playground for adults and kids including batting cages, golf bays, interactive darts, and many other activities.

The Master Plan

As outlined in Liverpool City Council’s Master Plan, council is looking to dispose of two pockets of land along Heathcote Road to fund the development of an Aquatic and Leisure Precinct at Hammondville Park. These pockets of land are currently part of the Moorebank Sports and Hammondville Park carpark. These are shown as Lot 101 and Lot 102 below.

Moorebank Sports Club is in the process of purchasing these pockets of land from Council, for the following reasons:

  • The Club is landlocked, with no direct street frontage
  • The Club is not able to expand its current footprint due to a lack of Club-owned parking spots
  • Due to the current land restrictions, the Club is not able to diversify its product offering for things like meeting and event spaces, more restaurants, family facilities, and additional entertainment offerings
  • Hammondville Park hasn’t been upgraded in over 20 years and there is a need for an investment in infrastructure and amenities.

Moorebank Sports Club has identified several benefits for members and the wider community, should the land purchase go ahead, namely the development of new aquatic and leisure facilities for members and the local community to enjoy.

It is important to note, as part of the arrangement with Council, Moorebank Sports Club has committed to ensuring that there will be sufficient parking at Hammondville Park for the sporting codes and Club patrons. As part of the deal, we will secure enough parking to ensure previous parking issues at Hammondville Park are resolved.

What Can You Do?

Council is currently undertaking Community Consultation on the disposal of these assets. This consultation period is due to conclude on 20 March 2024.

  1. Please CLICK HERE and complete the survey supporting the sale or disposal of Council land at Hammondville Park to the Moorebank Sports Club.
  2. Please CLICK HERE and sign the following petition in support of the sale or disposal of Council land at Hammondville Park to the Moorebank Sports Club

Thank you for your support and we encourage you to make your voice heard and support us in making your Club the centrepiece and social hub of our community. This land sale will allow us to continue to support our junior sporting codes, community organisations and our members.