Sporties continues its tradition of developing junior sport

In addition to donating over $104,000 to the local junior sporting teams, Sporties has also added an extra $15,000 in donations to the Holsworthy High School Targeted Sports Program. This funding allows over 200 students to develop their skills  in the areas of Soccer, Rugby League and Basketball. The program helps students who could not normally afford these out-of-school activities to engage them in their favourite sport and learn from the best. Through participating in regular weekly training sessions it puts these students in touch with the Western Sydney Wanderers, NRL and NSW Basketball to couch and develop their skills in their respective fields.

As the Coordinator of the Holsworthy Targeted Sports Program states “the program facilities  success in a variety of sporting achievements through the development of skills, the provision of equipment and puts these students in touch with sporting professionals who can teach valuable skills that enhance prolonged activity in the sport that they choose. Without the support of Sporties this would just not be possible.” We are proud to provide such essential funding to a worthwhile cause. Photo: the Holsworthy High School Girls Soccer Team on the soccer fields at Hammondville Park.