Rezoning of Surplus Land – Hammondville Park – 2018


Liverpool City Council is inviting public comment on their proposal to rezone areas of land in Council ownership situated between Sporties and Heathcote Road, as well as land further south towards Holsworthy Station.  The exhibition period opens on 21 November and runs for 28-days. The area of land to the front of the club is proposed to be rezoned as RE2 Private Recreation.  That zoning may present future opportunities for your Club to explore options to provide further facilities upon that land which would benefit members and the greater public.  We have had preliminary discussions with Council about how we may participate in the future delivery of those facilities.  In light of the alternative zoning options that Council could consider for this land, your Club Board welcomes this proposal and would encourage members to express their support for their zoning proposal.  The area of land further south is proposed to be rezoned as B6 Enterprise Corridor.  That zoning is intended to attract future business usage of that land.  As that site is sufficiently removed from the Club, your Club Board also accepts Council’s objectives in seeking that proposal.