Wednesday, January 22 2020


Sporties Bingo House Rules      

  • A session is defined as a period of time in which bingo is participated.
  • A page consists of 6 individual games.
  • A book consists of 20 pages.
  • Books may be purchased as 120 games (20 pages of 6 games) or as 60 games (20 pages of 3 games) only. No other combinations are available.
  • A book of 120 games shall cost $5.00 for an 11:00am session and $5.00 for a 7:30pm session, a book of 60 games shall cost $2.50 for an 11:00am session and $2.50 for a 7:30pm session.
  • A player may only play a maximum of 48 individual games at any one time. The maximum number of books a player can purchase is 8 books.
  • A total of 10 line games will be called during all sessions; this will occur every second game, which will then continue on to a full house.
  • A full individual game of 15 numbers marked off is required to win any prize except where the caller has defined a line game as per verbal instructions.
  • No game will be accepted unless the person has completed the winning entry with the last number called.
  • A number called will not be considered as final until the caller has repeated it in sequence.
  • No game will be accepted in the event of a claim with any preceding number after another number has been called.
  • If an incorrect number has been called, by the caller, during the playing of a game and is not known until the end of the game, then the number will stand in the event of a winner having that number, and all other patrons are aware of the mistake.
  • Any decision by the caller is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  • When more than one winner occurs on any major prize draw, a number draw will take place, regardless of the fact that numbers are identical or not. The person with the highest number will receive the major prize and the runner up/s will receive a consolation prize.
11:00 am
1:30 pm