Friday, March 1 2019

The Kamis

The Kamis are a proud winner of the Australian Club Entertainment (ACE) Award for Best Show Band & Cover Band for four consecutive years – 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. They were also awarded the ‘MO Award’ in 2010 & 2011 for the Best Show Band in clubs throughout NSW.

Originally the Kamis were a family band of six (Oscar Kami – Vocalist, Simana Kami – Bass & Vocalists, David Kami -Drums & Vocalists, Amelia Kami-Vocalists, Kethey Kami – Vocalists, Joshua Kami – Keys & Vocalists).

The band have had guest stars such as Australian Idols top 10 finalist, Soul and R&B sensation Madam Parker and Aaleatha who appeared on the Voice, who is a power house when it comes to Modern Dance and Pop music, however, both singers have recently moved on to establish themselves as music artists, and to make it a full-time career.

A member in the band, Joseph Gatehau, joined in 2014 and has been a great edition to the band and has found his niche, and a place as a Guitarist/ Singer. He was also a contestant on the hit Show’s the X-factor and Australian Idol. He is no stranger to the public eye and especially to the music industry, Joseph continues to strive and chase his dreams as well as being a Kami.

Their newest member, Vili Langi, joined the band in early 2016, and has also found a place in the band as a Male Lead Vocalist, since joining the band, he has become a songwriter and co-producer for the band. This talented young singer/ songwriter hopes to release some music with the Kamis in hope to take the band on a tour, so keep an eye out.

9:30 pm
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