Friday, January 25 2019

Black Diamond Hearts

Hailing from Sydney Australia comes a band of outstanding and accomplished musicians with 1 vision, BLACK DIAMOND HEARTS. Andre Kaman, Marc Malouf, Remi Rusan, Richie Branco, Jeff De Araujo, David Anthony and Kristian Attard have passionately created a band with songs and a sound that the music world has long awaited. As individuals, they have played alongside and supported amazing international and Australian artists, toured extensively both at home and overseas and are now ready to unleash their own band, own songs and unique sound onto the world.

Longtime friends and musical journeymen, Andre, Marc, Remi, Richie, Jeff, Dave and Kristian, have fought long and hard to make it in the music industry and through sheer passionate determination have come together to combine Andre’s powerfully charismatic and uniquely captivating vocals, Marc and Richie’s ingeniously beautiful and compelling guitar work, Remi and Jeff’s energy infused and uncompromising beats, Dave’s epic synths and soundscapes and Kristian’s hard driven unmistakable bass lines.

Playing live is where this band takes you to the next level, with an extensive history in the live music scene they draw upon all of their experience to conceive a show that is unparalleled and worthy of stadiums and arena’s. Their music has been compared to Bowie, Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, The Strokes and The Killers, to name a few. BLACK DIAMOND HEARTS is today and tomorrow’s music, the lyrics, the melody, the sound, the songs, the live show and the look. BLACK DIAMOND HEARTS is ready for the world to love.

9:30 pm
11:59 pm