Doing our part to keep you safe

Covid-19 Updates

We’re doing our best to keep you safe during this time with a COVID-19 Safety Management Plan which includes:

  • venue sign in and out at entry
  • hand sanitiser and sanitiser wipe dispensers throughout the venue
  • social distancing measures including floor markers and distanced tables
  • regular and consistent sanitising procedures with approved cleaning agents

We have gone into great depth to ensure your safety while visiting us. We kindly ask our guests to do their part so we can collectively work to get back to normal by:

  • signing in and out on entry
  • stay at home if you feel unwell
  • maintain 1.5m social distance when walking through public areas and queuing
  • remain seated and avoid roaming the Club
  • ensure you are only mingling with your table

We thank all our Members and Guests that are doing everything in their power to ‘flatten the curve’ so we can gradually get back to business as usual.

COVID-19 Update Wednesday 30th December

From the 31st December 2020, everyone entering Moorebank Sports Club, must sign in via the Services NSW Covid Safe Check-In.​​

This is a mandatory obligation and your Check-In must be sighted by staff to gain access to the Club.​​


​Download the Service NSW APP

STEP 2:​

Select Covid Safe Check-In​


​Scan QR Code at Club Entrance​

STEP 4:​

Enter your Details, Continue, add any Dependants & Check In.​​

COVID-19 Update Wednesday 23rd December

The health and safety of our patrons and staff and is our priority and will continue throughout these challenging times. We have updated our COVID Safety Plan to reflect these changes and take this opportunity to provide you further information.

The capacity of our Club has been reduced and is now set to 1 person per 4 square metres indoors and 1 person per 2 square metres outdoors. You will see the changes in the spacing of furniture and number of seats available across our Club.

As a result of these changes and to ensure the safety of members and guests, we have made the following decisions.

  • Entertainment planned on 26th and 31st December has been cancelled
  • Entertainment throughout January has been placed on hold until further notice
  • The courtesy bus will not operate
  • The Kids Club will not operate

These offerings will be reviewed in line with the NSW Health advice and our COVID Safety Plan and we will keep you updated as changes occur.

We take this opportunity to promote the current practices we have in place to keep you safe and ensure you can continue to enjoy our Club.

  • Patrons are screened on entry and must register their attendance through swiping their card in the members kiosk or signing in electronically as a Visitor
  • Patrons are not permitted to enter if unwell
  • Hand sanitisers are located throughout the Club including at the main entrance, lounge, dining and outdoor areas
  • A designated COVID Hygiene marshal is rostered at all times and undertakes regular cleans of high touch points
  • Staff across all areas must undertake regular cleaning as a part of their duties
  • There are regular COVID health and safety announcements made via the Club PA System
  • Cutlery and condiments are individually packaged and are given to patrons  when ordering food
  • All menus are single use or laminated and wiped down after each use
  • We have a QR code set up for ordering and encourage contactless payments by card
  • There is floor stickers at bars and food outlets to ensure there is social distancing whilst lining up to order
  • Staff are not permitted to attend work if unwell and are required to be tested and return a negative COVID-19 result before returning to work

Due to the current situation with the Northern Beaches Cluster, unfortunately at this stage, anyone who resides or has visited the Northern Beaches in the last 14 days or has visited any hotspots identified by NSW will not be permitted entry into our Club. We encourage you to stay up to date with this information to ensure you have not visited any of the listed on the NSW Health Page – See full list here.

We will continue to provide updates through our website, social media and when visiting the Club.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these times.