Monday, April 15 2019

**SOLD OUT ** Super Cody – Super Detectives Workshop (5-8 Yrs)

Learn, Code, Create, Enjoy!

Students will love the SuperCody experience, where they’ll learn to use their new coding skills to create games, solve puzzles and design animations. Encouraging curiosity, students will also learn to produce apps, design and print 3D objects and much, much more. Students will develop life skills including confidence, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence and reflexivity whilst using their imagination to problem solve, and logical thinking skills to complete a project.

SuperCody’s mission is to transform your students into supercoders for a super successful future!

The Super Cody workshops include the following –

  • An easy introduction to programming using puzzles. Students solve coding puzzles and learn  basic programming concepts including sequencing,conditions and repetition using loops. There are over 60 levels in fun adventures–Super Cody’s Quest, Lost in Space, Laser Race and Dragon Journey. Topics Covered: Sequencing, repetition, conditional logic, automation and pattern recognition.
  • Students are introduced to basic programming as they create interactive stories, design animations, and make mini games in Tynker’s app game like interface. Students learn through interactive tutorials, solve coding puzzles, and build their own project. Topics Covered: Sequencing, repetition, events, conditional logic animation, storytelling, problem solving and debugging,pen drawing,drawings shapes and patterns.
  • Introduce students to Programming 201 using a fun scenario-based approach where they build two complete games. “Side Scroller Survival” introduces them to basics of motion and animation whilst in“Batboy Battle” students program a robot to make it dance. On completion of these workshops students will be able to build simple games and animations. Topics Covered: Sequencing, pattern recognition, loops and conditional logic are used to create programs. Create scenes, add sounds and music, and use keyboard controls to drive programs. Learn about motion, broadcasting messages and adding special effects.

What’s Included?

  • All iPads, laptops and required equipment will be provided.


5 years – 8 years Session

$12 per child

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11:00 am
12:00 pm