Tuesday, December 11 2018

Christmas Luncheon

The Divalicious voice of Davidia……..

Divalicious:- serves up style, with a side of attitude – covering beauty, fashion, girly,  and mostly, big personality.

Davidia’s spectacular voice takes her audience from Classical to Pop with the ease of a true professional.  Classically trained, she delivers beautiful Arias and nestles them comfortably with popular standards in German, French, Italian & Latin as well as English.  Davidia’s great sense of humour and ability to “read” her audience, ensure she is in demand and repeat bookings have become the norm.  Sit and be amazed at the vocal quality and range delivered with class and style and let Davidia create the atmosphere with fun & laughter, blending both for a night to be remembered


Stuart Davey is an intense performer with an unlimited freedom of personal expression, a majestic voice where the crucial word is power that can swamp the senses and overwhelm.

With discipline and control he has an impressive instrument, wielded with a surprising modesty and grace, that forms a style all his own from mainstream pop to sensitive ballads.

Singing some one else’s song can be a risky business until you hear the treatment from his effortless performance and romantic presentation as he takes you on a journey.

From a Tribute to Gershwin to the Lord Mayors 50th Concert with Anthony Warlow or being a key vocal member backing Michael Crawford in his Australian Tour life has its ups and downs. In the late 90’s Stuart experienced health problems which resulted in the temporary loss of his voice and long term break. The voice restored itself after extensive therapy at the Sydney Voice Clinic, a modified diet, and lots of hard work and patience.

Stuart: “ I just felt it was now my time and with a few more miles under the belt and a bit more of life’s experiences behind me I think I can now interpret a song  in a way I couldn’t do before.  The only true way I can express myself is by singing and if I can move an audience in some way just by doing that then it makes it all worthwhile.”

THAT VOICE! Is a good description for the power and passion that emanates from the soul of Stuart Davey. Stuart has a unique sensitivity in expressing the heart of a song which, with the added gifting of a force and tone like no other, commands immediate attention. He is able to capture the emotions and imagination of the listener and infuse them into the very fibre of the story being sung.

David Moyse: Producer – former Lead Guitarist with Air Supply

12:00 pm
3:00 pm