Friday, January 26 2018

80s Flashback

‘The 80’s Flashback’ are a vibrant high energy, 5-piece Retro/Rock band that perform totally live. From the moment the show begins, The 80’s Flashback will have the audience on their feet dancing those 80’s steps and singing those lost but not forgotten 80’s tunes.

Step back in time and see the 80’s how it really was, as The 80’s Flashback show their lack of fashion sense and colour coordination.

The 80’s Flashback are a highly interactive show with a pseudo Don Johnson look-a-like involving audiences with singing, intimate moments and even the odd 80’s dance lesson thrown in.

The audience will be intrigued as well as entertained all night by the sights, sounds, the on stage banter and general fun atmosphere that the band project.

So turn back the clock, bring on the big hair and the thin leather ties, even bring along your Rubik’s cube if you like. For a great night of entertainment, come and see The 80’s Flashback.


9:30 pm
11:59 pm